duration: 3:44 - watch at full screen with headphones at high volume, preferably in a dark room

A great circle is the largest circle that can be drawn around a sphere. The equator and lines of longitude are great circles, but the 'squashed' nature of earth means that all other paths around earth's centre are called great ellipses. 
This site-specific installation transported the viewer on a journey out of the artist's studio window and 'Around a Great Ellipse', approximated by an animated sequence of photographs and digitally-sourced images.
During the exhibition, visitors were invited to enter the artist's unlit studio space, sit down in front of a monitor displaying an image of the window beyond it, and press play in order to watch the video shown here in an immersive experience that took them forwards from their seat and all the way around earth until they reached the same spot.
Novum Citri was a ZEST exhibition showcasing recent work and experiments by artists in the collective.
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