‘Timelines’ depicts, at multiple moments in time, an earlier painted mural-artwork by the artist of
a dancing male figure. These moments are overlaid on one another and oscillate back and forth before converging to form an ambiguous static image where only the dancing figure is clearly legible.

Time contracts and the figure is shown present within all the depicted moments simultaneously,
and therefore to exist independently of them, allowing us to imagine his diverging potential
futures. The soundtrack both responds to the images and provides further insight into moments in the
artwork’s history.

The work raises questions about the lifespan of installed artworks, their changing relevance and
meaning over time, and their potential to elicit new works and ideas.
2023 marks the fifth anniversary of the RIPE programme. To celebrate, ‘a space’ arts have commissioned a series of short films by RIPE artists, past and present. The brief was to create a moving image work, responding to the theme ‘future’ to be shown as part of an exhibition and a celebratory screening event called RIPE FIVE.
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