Abrupt departure from our original studios cut short the production of a mural I was painting on the studio stairwell, my intended contribution to ‘Heavy Presence’, the ZEST Exhibition for Autumn 2023. The mural stood, partially finished with paint still wet and dribbling down the wall, as we moved everything out of the ‘little pub’ and into a van bound for Tower House, our new studios.
This artwork is my way of finishing that piece, whilst allowing it to remain true to form and ‘In Progress’. Projected into the closest equivalent space in Tower House, a film I took, that was only ever intended to document the making process, is given new meanings and a new context, exploring the continuity between the two spaces. The viewer is allowed ‘behind the scenes’ at the studios, past and present, with the illusion of being able to ‘drop in’ on the artists.
There is an element of sad nostalgia captured in conversations about future plans for the space which will now remain unrealized. At the same time, the piece provides evidence of ongoing progress in the form of exciting artistic activity already well underway at Tower House.
'In Progress' was exhibited as part of the Autumn 2023 ZEST Exhibition 'Heavy Presence' as an installation projected amongst leads and tools and a ladder.
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