'Overheads' is an ongoing project, artwork and exhibition where creatives are invited to contribute photographs of the ceiling above where they do their most creative work in order to explore creatives' relationship to their spaces. The process of transforming the received photographs into an exhibition and composite artwork is currently underway. I am interested in exploring the precarity of creatives' spaces, the diversity of ceilings housing creative activity and the potential of the project as a networking opportunity for creatives' to form new connections and collaborate between creative disciplines. I have thus far received submissions from across the UK and other countries including Canada, Romania, Brazil and Australia.
If you are a creative and would like to contribute a ceiling to the project, please use the contact form on this website or direct message me on instagram. @ellengillett
'Overheads' was exhibited on January 26th 2024 in the Digital Humanities Lab at Southampton University and has been commissioned as part of the 'Diverse Capacities' research project. It will also be exhibited in an expanded form at a later date.
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